Handling Divorces throughout North Texas

Founding attorney Traci Hutton is a Grapevine, Texas, family law attorney who has walked the walk. As a professional business woman, mother and attorney who has experienced a divorce, Ms. Hutton knows precisely the financial, emotional and family costs associated with a divorce. As such, she has a comprehensive understanding of the legal strategies necessary to ensure great outcomes. And we use that understanding to successfully guide residents from Grapevine, Colleyville, Southlake, and surrounding areas through divorce.

At our firm, our objective is to mitigate the negative consequences associated with a divorce while protecting your finances and helping you maintain contact with your children.

Some of the most contentious areas of family law include:

As these issues arise, it is important that your attorney has the resources and the skills to effectively assert and defend your legal interests. With strong ties to the community and a history of excellence, our firm's founding attorney Traci Hutton represents clients in a cost-effective, efficient and successful manner. She is tenacious in asserting her clients' rights and is especially well versed in helping fathers retain custody of their children.

Child Custody

Granting custody solely to the mother is being challenged in courts across the county and Texas where fathers are increasingly asserting their parental rights. Maintaining contact with a father is important to the development of children. Traci Hutton's philosophy that custody grants - when there is no danger to the children involved - should ensure fathers' equal parental rights. She works closely with fathers to assure they have extensive access to their children in the aftermath of a divorce.

As a small law firm, our clients benefit from one-on-one advising sessions and mediations to ensure that the best interests of the child are represented. When it is possible, we attempt to negotiate custody arrangements which give fathers' equal access to their children. However, when necessary we will petition the family courts to ensure that our clients' rights are vindicated.

Guiding You To The Other Side

Divorce is difficult. You do not need to proceed alone. For experienced and skilled legal representation, Traci Hutton is available. For answers to your questions, call 817-778-4543 or email the office.