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Articles of incorporation are a business formation must

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2023 | Business Formation |

Texas is a big state, so there’s always room for new business. If you’re like many people who are looking ahead to a new year and making plans to change careers or to find ways to generate additional income, you might be dreaming of launching your own corporation. There are many hoops to jump through during the business formation process. One key issue that you’ll need to learn more about is filing articles of incorporation.

Articles of incorporation, otherwise known as a corporate charter, are documents that establish your corporation in your state. Such documents must provide certain information about the corporation you have created. This information includes details about the identity of your business, as well as its operations.

You must include basic info in your articles of incorporation

When you file articles of incorporation for a new Texas business, you must include the name of your company, as well as the physical address to which you have it registered. You do not have to list the names or addresses of the incorporators, only the business itself. You will also want to include information regarding the number of shares in your corporation.

The number of shares in your company depends on whether you register as a C or S corporation. If you haven’t gotten that far in your business formation plan yet, then you are not quite ready to file articles of incorporation. However, if you’ve already registered as one or the other, then you will either have an unlimited number of shares (for a C corporation) or up to 100 shares (for an S corporation).

File your articles of corporation with the Secretary of State’s office

The Texas Secretary of State’s office is the proper place to file articles of corporation when you are incorporating a business in this state. In addition to company name and address, you’ll also want to add the name and contact information for the acting agent, meaning the individual who will receive official documents on the company’s behalf.

Whether you must also include a specific business purpose depends on your tax status. In some cases, you might be able to file articles of incorporation under “general purposes” for a new business. In certain circumstances, you might have to state a more specific purpose.

Resources available to help with business formation

Filing articles of incorporation is just one step of many that you must take to launch a new corporation in Texas. If legal complications arise during business formation, it is best to have access to someone who is well-versed in state laws who can provide guidance and support.