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Wondering about revocable living trusts?

As you work on your estate plan, among the things you might consider including is a trust. There are numerous kinds of trusts. One type you may have heard of and be curious about is a revocable living trust.

What is this type of trust and what things could it help with? Today’s post will dive into this question, going into the three words of this estate planning tool, going from back to front.

Key elements of a parenting plan

A promotion to a high level position may be the professional chance of a life of a lifetime. But like the old adage says, what you gain professionally you may lose emotionally; meaning that your professional ascent may lead to the demise of a marriage.

Indeed, it is not supposed to happen like this, and life certainly isn’t fair. After all, you should not be penalized and forced to take less time with your children because of the demands of your work schedule. This is especially applicable to physicians, firefighters, engineers and pilots who work hectic, inflexible and demanding schedules. 

Divorce and social media: A dangerous combination

Many people spend significant time on social media. Some people spend hours a day scrolling newsfeeds, sharing links, updating status, taking photos, sharing videos – all on their favorite social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat or Twitter.

When it comes to divorce, some social media use can be potentially damaging to your case.

How to negotiate a custody schedule that works for your family

World leaders have often tragically discovered what the opposite of negotiation is. It’s been said that when you cannot negotiate, when you cannot talk, when you cannot reach agreements, then you have war. When it comes to your children, you don’t want to drag them into a war. You’ll want to negotiate.

Research has shown that high levels of conflict—both during and after the divorce—between parents contribute to poorer adjustment in children. Finding a way for both of you to agree and avoid litigation, your children will be spared the drama. Alternative dispute resolution methods such as collaborative divorce and mediation offer a way to stay out of the courtroom and promote positive communication, leading to an agreement you both can live with.

Divorce In Texas: What You Need To Know To Protect Your Rights

Texas is one of several states that uses the rules of community property to determine the split of assets and debts in the event of a divorce. Here’s what you need to know to make sure you get your fair share.

What Is Community Property?

Estate planning: the top 3 misconceptions

Estate planning is essentially the process by which you determine how to distribute your assets once you pass away. Although it might at first sound like a grim topic, it’s actually about life; what you have built over the years can help your loved ones live comfortably after you’re gone.

Many people, especially young adults, might not think about estate planning. However, tragedy can happen at any moment. A will or trust can protect your parents, spouse and children from losing access to your belongings and property. You can also draft a document to tell doctors what to do if you are in critical condition or can’t make health decisions for yourself, called a living will or advance healthcare directive. Getting past the misunderstandings about estate planning can help you prepare for the future.

What to do about late-in-life money arguments

You may no longer be romantically involved with your ex-spouse, but that doesn't mean that their finances don't affect you. Couples who have divorced or are divorcing can still have arguments about finances, even if they have remained amicable. Older couples in particular face unique challenges regarding money, investments and retirement.

Here, we'll take a look at some of the most common late-in-life arguments about money, and some tips to help you cope with them.

Fathers and child custody arrangements in Texas

During divorce, many Texas fathers worry that splitting from their spouse will result in a split from their children. Traditionally, a mother was granted custody of her children after divorce, and a father’s involvement was limited.

Fortunately for fathers, this practice shifted as they increasingly asserted their parental rights. Courts acknowledge that it is in the child’s best interest to spend time with both parents. What can fathers expect during the custody process?

Divorce: who will keep the house?

During a divorce, your world turns upside down. You are already losing your spouse, now you worry that you also have to lose your home.

Most couples worry about their house’s fate as they consider diving up marital property. Your home is a key part of your day-to-day life, and you do not want to have to give it up. How does Texas decide which spouse will stay and which will go?