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Divorce and social media: A dangerous combination

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2018 | Blog |

Many people spend significant time on social media. Some people spend hours a day scrolling newsfeeds, sharing links, updating status, taking photos, sharing videos – all on their favorite social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat or Twitter.

When it comes to divorce, some social media use can be potentially damaging to your case.

Here are some things to avoid doing on social media while you’re going through a divorce:

  • Complaining about your ex: You may have strong feelings about your ex, and you may be tempted to share those thoughts on social media. But this could do more harm than good. It could put your mutual friends in an awkward position of choosing sides, and it could create tension among family members. It’s okay to vent to your friends in private conversations, but avoid doing it publicly on social media.
  • Giving details: Your divorce is between you and your spouse. The details of your divorce – relating to money, custody, child support, etc. – are nobody else’s business. Plus, consider that anything you post could live indefinitely on your feed or wall. Do you want a potential future boss reading all the dirty details about your divorce? Didn’t think so.
  • Incriminating yourself: Social media evidence is increasingly being used in divorce cases. Posting photos of expensive new purchases, a wild night on the town or what you were doing when you were supposed to be watching your kids could be used in a case against you.

A good rule of thumb for social media use during divorce: When in doubt, don’t post it.

An attorney can help you through the divorce process and also provide individualized advice regarding social media use during divorce. Contact our office to learn more.