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Experienced Representation For Paternity Legal Issues

Whether you are a biological father seeking to prove paternity and establish parental rights, or a birth mother acting to compel a father to provide child support, the Tarrant County family lawyer who protects your interests is Traci Hutton in Grapevine, Texas.

Traci Hutton, Attorney At Law, is an experienced family law firm that represents all parties affected by an unmarried couple’s decision to have children. This could mean advocacy on behalf of:

  • Grandparents or stepparents who want increased roles in children’s lives, even if it means full-time custody of a grandchild or stepchild they feel has been neglected
  • Biological fathers who are willing to undergo DNA testing and offer child support in return for visitation rights
  • Birth mothers who either want to keep a child away from its father, or legally require the father to pay child support

Are you an unmarried parent with pressing legal needs that impact your child’s future? You can receive the benefits of Traci Hutton‘s years of successful service to her clients, personal identification with your problem as the mother of three children, broad knowledge of paternity matters and attentive personal service throughout the legal process.

Ms. Hutton believes deeply in the best interests of the child and in your right to do what is best for your son or daughter. She seeks favorable outcomes in a number of ways — mediating a solution with another attorney, using methods of collaborative law to negotiate a mutually beneficial conclusion or aggressively litigating in court to safeguard a client’s interests.

Protecting Children And Parents In Custody Matters

Your informative, confidential consultation with Traci Hutton serves to outline your goals and chart a course of action for your paternity matter. Call today: 817-778-4543. Your email request will be responded to promptly.