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Explore The Options Of Mediation And Collaborative Law

A collaborative family law approach gives divorcing couples and families a way to end marriages with dignity, save money on litigation costs and create a family plan decided by the parents instead of Texas family law judges. Traci Hutton, a trained collaborative family lawyer, helps clients throughout Grapevine, Texas, and the surrounding Mid Cities Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex areas dissolve their marriages with equanimity.

Walking You Through Every Step In The Process

Even in a collaborative law process, each divorcing spouse needs to have access to an independent attorney who can assert his or her interests. As such, because the parties will be designing unique custody and spousal support agreements that work for their family, it is important to ensure that their interests are represented. Though the parties remain in complete control of the divorce process, Traci Hutton offers clients intensive financial and legal resources to optimize her clients’ bargaining positions in collaborative family law.

Collaborative family law helps couples amicably resolve:

  • Property distribution
  • Custody and parenting issues
  • Retirement account divisions
  • Spousal support payments

Co-Parenting In The Future

One of the cornerstones of our firm’s philosophy is that the children come first in every divorce. As such, we help divorcing couples learn healthy ways to co-parent. We believe family therapists are just as important as financial advisors when dissolving a marriage. Even the most contentious divorce can benefit from the use of family therapists for the parents and the children. What this means is that when appropriate we represent our clients using a collaborative family law approach which emphasizes the well-being of all of the parties involved in the divorce.

Consult A Trained Mediator

The collaborative process can still be competitive. You need an attorney who excels at the intersection of collaboration and negotiation. Traci Hutton is that attorney. To meet with our firm about collaborative law or divorce mediation, please call 817-778-4543 or email the office.