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Experienced Legal Guidance For Your Probate Proceedings

When a loved one’s last will and testament travels through the probate process, surviving beneficiaries are understandably concerned about preservation of their legal rights and access to inheritances.

If you relate to this description, experienced estate planning and estate administration attorney Traci Hutton relates to your goals.

At Traci Hutton, Attorney At Law, in Grapevine, our law firm’s founder is skilled and knowledgeable about all aspects of Texas probate law — whether or not a will is present at the time of a relative’s death. She listens carefully to your wishes and objectives, shares her insights and smoothly coordinates efforts with trustees, executors and beneficiaries to reach a just conclusion.

Protecting Your Rights And Interests

While the wills, trusts and powers of attorney covered in estate planning are all about proactive strategies and forward-looking preparation that can spare survivors the inconvenience of probate, many surviving individuals and families must deal with legal complications when estates have not been planned properly, or planned at all.

Lawyer Traci Hutton researches your probate issues, examines every detail and advocates for your role during distribution of assets and property. Along the way, you are ensured maximum access to her support, and receive prompt, honest answers to any questions that may arise. She works hard to guide you to the other side of any legal obstacle.

Are you headed to probate court for an interpretation of a loved one’s will? Do you suspect that a will has been mysteriously changed, or that the late family member was incompetent to write one? Are you seeking a less expensive, less stressful alternative to probate?

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