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High-Asset Divorce Solutions For Grapevine And Tarrant County Clients

Ideally, the outcome of a high net worth divorce results in an equitable distribution of significant property and assets accumulated during a marriage — a fair share of everything from valuable real estate to access to bank accounts and retirement benefits.

To increase your chances of achieving that ideal, you should be represented in mediation, negotiations or litigation by a skilled divorce attorney who has been where you are.

As a former business owner who has been through her own divorce, Traci Hutton is highly familiar with the role that business valuation can play in high-asset divorce discussions. She knows how to “crunch the numbers” when parties are far apart on financial issues — and when those contentious differences threaten to send the matter to a courtroom.

Experienced Grapevine family law and divorce lawyer Traci Hutton relates to your problems, personally and professionally. She knows what it’s like to own and guide a family business, and how to tackle difficult issues such as real estate investments, liability for taxes and the role of retirement benefits when assets and property must be divided at the end of a marriage.

Traci Hutton, Attorney At Law — Guiding You To The Other Side When Texas High-Asset Divorce Interrupts Your Life

In the absence of a prenuptial agreement, marital property and assets that represent your investment in your marriage can include real estate, such as primary, vacation and retirement residences; rental property, farms and ranches; motor vehicles, boats and private aircraft; a closely held family business that may need to be valuated and divided; stocks, stock options and bonds; deferred income and 401(k) retirement income; memberships, heirlooms and collectibles; and many other prized possessions.

With the stakes at their highest for your post-divorce finances and future, and for the economic well-being of your children, you owe it to yourself to retain the most detail-minded, results-driven divorce representation you can find. Traci Hutton can be an aggressive advocate who represents your rights during every phase of the legal process — and provides attentive personal service that makes a positive difference.

Do you have questions about high net worth divorce in Texas? Contact our law firm from wherever you are in Tarrant County and Dallas County, to secure a confidential initial consultation with Traci Hutton. Call 817-778-4543 or send an email message.