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The Facts You Need About Mediation And Collaborative Law

Divorce does not have to be contentious, financially draining and emotionally damaging to you and your children. The end of a marriage can be completed smoothly, in ways that dignify your relationship, thanks to the techniques of mediation and collaborative law.

Experienced Grapevine, Texas, lawyer Traci Hutton knows how to find common ground that leads parties to agreements on child custody and visitation, child support and spousal support, and division of assets and property.

A Family Law Attorney Who Cares About Your Future

Ms. Hutton shows you the many benefits of mediation that can minimize the negative impact of divorce — and set a tone of cooperation for your post-divorce future. Her knowledge of collaborative law methods, including divorce mediation, encourages a free and candid exchange of ideas, keeps the process private rather than carried out in public before a judge, and gives you control of your destiny rather than having it decided by strangers.

This openness to others’ ideas promotes a less stressful, far-less expensive outcome than that produced by costly, lengthy litigation. If this kind of legacy sounds attractive to you, you should pursue mediation and collaborative law as a means of ironing out differences, starting today.

Learn About The Advantages Of Mediation And Collaborative Law

Contact Ms. Hutton by phone at 817-778-4543 or by email message. Your initial consultation will be informative and confidential, and should set the stage for real progress in ending your marriage with dignity — not discord and division.