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Insight Into Child Custody Cases

Whether parents are going through a divorce or have never been married, child custody is an issue that is often highly contested and emotionally charged. As a small law firm, our clients at the office of Traci Hutton, Attorney At Law, benefit from one-on-one advising sessions and mediations to ensure that the best interests of the child are represented.

The Guidance You Need Through The Custody Process

Granting custody solely to the mother is being challenged in courts across Tarrant County, Grapevine and throughout other areas of Texas where fathers are increasingly asserting their parental rights. Maintaining contact with a father is important to the development of children.

Attorney Traci Hutton‘s philosophy that custody grants — when there is no danger to the children involved — should ensure fathers’ equal parental rights. She works closely with fathers to assure they have extensive access to their children in the aftermath of a divorce. When it is possible, we attempt to negotiate custody arrangements that give fathers’ equal access to their children. However, when necessary we will petition the family courts to ensure that our clients’ rights are vindicated.

Types Of Child Custody

  • Physical custody: Physical custody typically refers to the time spent with each parent and/or where the child typically resides.
    • If the child spends three days at one parent’s house and four days at the other parent’s house, and alternating on a week-to-week schedule, then the parents have joint shared physical custody.
    • If one parent has sole physical custody, then one parent has the child all of the time and the child spends no overnights with the other parent. The parent may have visitation time during part of a day or days with the child or children.
  • Legal custody: Legal custody typically refers to the decision-making responsibility that each parent has when making decisions about the child’s health and well-being. In most cases parents are given joint decision-making rights. This means that parents must agree on medical choices, school choices and other major decisions that impact the child or children’s lives.

Get Started Today

With years of experience as a lawyer on her side, Ms. Hutton will be able to thoroughly review the facts of your case and your situation to assess your potential options and the potential outcomes. From that point, she will determine what may be the best avenue of resolution in your situation. For more information, call 817-778-4543, or email the firm and schedule a consultation.